⛓️ROM_COIN Blockchain

ROM_COIN = ROM_COIN blockchain + ROM_COIN platform

ROM_COIN plans to establish its own blockchain as it requires processing large amounts of transactions network due to the unique nature of the project. Payment channel technology is introduced and supported for fast transaction processing. These functions are called transaction handlers in ROM_COIN and are a core technology that represents the scalability of blockchain. Additionally, after developing the payment channel technology, ROM_COIN will introduce the bridge technology, which is being developed by Ethereum's Parity team if a sidechain is needed.

ROM_COIN contains the following components: ID server responsible for processing and managing node’s identity, a data manager that performs blockchain data management, a messaging handler and transaction handler that handles transactions and data management, and a file sharing handler that handles storage management.

ROM_COIN consists of ‘ROM_COIN’ blockchain and ROM_COIN tokens. ROM_COIN will be used to test ‘ROM_COIN’ blockchain and to make payment on payment channels and to pay service fees.

The following is a comparison table between ROM_COIN and Bitcoin.




Stock Exchange transaction, currency exchange

business(revenue generation)

Type of cryptocurrency

Token- type cryptocurrency

Token- type cryptocurrency

Type of block chain

Public Block chain

Private Block chain

System aim



Smart contract



Commercial DB support



Scope of Use

Global use

Global use

System Scalability

Very low

Very high

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