Ecosystem Participant Reward

WEB for 'ROM_COIN' transactions through affiliates aims to construct a reliable token ecosystem using an efficient mining system and strengthen reliability between affiliates and users. This reliability is closely related to the way tokens mined through WEB affiliated with 'ROM_COIN' are distributed to users. The reliability of payment methods is the core of the distribution ecosystem, and it serves as a foundation for various derivative businesses. For example, through freedom of payment and big data-based analysis, it can identify the various needs of users and provide new services. Payment methods and the processing of big data lead to the construction of new data for AI marketing, which will establish the basis of new marketing strategies.

‘The miner, ‘ROM_COIN’ affiliates, mines ‘ROM_COIN’, and the ‘ROM_COIN’ mined in this way are distributed to WEB users through transactions using WEB affiliated with ‘ROM_COIN’. This is the primary ‘ROM_COIN’ mining and distribution. It can also be distributed to some affiliated store owners of ‘ROM_COIN’ mined through transactions with WEB affiliated with ‘ROM_COIN’. In summary, it provides reward for transactions that participate in the WEB transactions of 'ROM_COIN' affiliates and various benefits for 'ROM_COIN' affiliates connected to the POOL. 'ROM_COIN' affiliates hereby seek to differentially connect and construct a technological base that expands the ROMARKET ecosystem.

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