Auxiliary strategies

The blockchain ecosystem of 'ROM_COIN' consists of logistics distribution/tourism (travel)-related companies and persons concerned, such as logistics distribution/tourism (travel) companies, guides, franchise stores, and agencies. Based on this ecosystem, the practical experiences of logistics/tourism (travel) customers and information by region will be collected in the form of big data and provided as logistics distribution/tourism (travel) information services. The information service serves as members of the 'ROM_COIN' platform and a supporter sharing the economic ecosystem for members of trustworthy local community. They will provide users with a variety of experiences and reliable local information through accurate and reliable logistics distribution/tourism (travel) information services

| Sales through supply and management system of AI products

ROM_COIN and its affiliates use AI to secure the lowest price for products and determine prices through AI SCM (Artificial Intelligence Supply Chain Management). This system automatically searches the locations of affiliates and the lowest priced products by analyzing other markets with many similar products. Considering the rate of return based on such results, it is aimed to adjust the price of the affiliate's products. This program is a system that teaches AI and automatically reflects the lowest price products to help customers purchase products.

| Securitization strategy

‘ROM_COIN’ is considering how to launch a specialized exchange where cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum can be traded. As 'ROM_COIN' affiliates operate a specialized exchange, users can naturally start cryptocurrency transaction by creating a wallet upon joining the exchange. It is considering plans to list 'ROM_COIN' tokens on domestic and overseas exchanges and support transaction of 'ROM_COIN' on exchanges through API linkage like other cryptocurrencies.

'ROM_COIN' tokens and 'ROM_COIN' purchased through the exchange will later be linked to ‘ROM_COIN’ wallet and used for various purposes, such as payment, currency exchange, exchange between users, etc. Blockchain data will be able to be checked at any time by inquiring TXID, wallet address, etc. through the block explorer.

| Provision of ROM_COIN token wallet and API

‘ROM_COIN’ token wallet serves as the central of information storage and supports to simply use tax refund, payment, currency exchange functions, etc. It provides services so that anyone can download and use mobile applications, and supports the development and linkage of apps that provide various services such as remittance and electronic payment through the 'ROM_COIN' electronic wallet API in SDK format on Android and iOS platforms. This will contribute to the expansion of services and the creation of ‘ROM_COIN’ blockchain ecosystem.

| Purchase history tracking system

‘ROM_COIN’ issuing foundation will work with affiliates to construct a purchase history tracking system. Blockchain technology can be used to track the history of products purchased from POS devices. For example, in case of storing product information purchased from a POS device in a block with blockchain, the source and distribution route of the product can be tracked on the blockchain. This can make information concerning each product securely recorded on the blockchain and not be tampered with.

This information allows consumers to obtain reliable information concerning the product's origin, production process, distribution route, etc., transparently recording all transactions and movement processes from producers to consumers. This helps to ensure transparency and safety of transactions by providing reliable product information to consumers and promoting transparency in the distribution process.

| Mileage point system

In case of the affiliate, 'ROM_COIN' users may receive reserves (mileage points) equivalent to a certain percentage of the purchase amount when making a purchase. These reserves (mileage points) can be used to purchase other services or products. In addition, by allowing other affiliates to use it interchangeably, users can use it as discount coupons or various benefits at franchise stores. By constructing such a system, users will be able to utilize their points more efficiently, and franchise stores will be able to provide more flexible and attractive benefits to customers. ‘ROM_COIN’ issuing foundation plans to encourage affiliates to adopt the mileage system for their own marketing purposes as much as possible

| ROM_COIN affiliate’s marketing program

'ROM_COIN' affiliates will implement their own marketing policies and operate various discounts, incentive systems, and promotional activities. These are provided in addition to the benefits and reward programs independently implemented by ‘ROM_COIN’ affiliates. ‘ROM_COIN’ issuing foundation will encourage and support affiliates to activate their own marketing programs. These programs are provided in parallel with the rewards and benefits according to the marketing and mining program provided by 'ROM_COIN'.

| Affiliate marketing support of ROM_COIN Issuing Foundation

‘ROM_COIN’ issuing foundation will support the marketing activities of affiliates by suggesting or providing marketing techniques and activities to affiliates.

‘ROM_COIN’ issuing foundation plans to actively support the marketing activities of affiliates within the scope of mutual win-win. Marketing activities with affiliates may be implemented in the form of a joint business.

| Pursuing Meta Bridge Token (ROM_COIN)

The modern world is an era where the real world, virtual world, and metaverse environment coexist. The research and development activities will be pursued to ensure that ‘ROM_COIN’ platform can be operated in an economic environment that connects the real and virtual environments and that 'ROM_COIN' can be used as a payment method in this economic environment.

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