RPoS Consensus Algorithm

ROM_COIN applies the RPoS (Random Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm to maintain a blockchain-based distributed ledger. This method is selected to improve speed for transaction processing. RPoS is a method to solve the problems of PoS, such as the illegal activities of nodes with a lot of shares and the authority problem of witnesses in DPoS, and it is an algorithm that achieves security and consensus by way of selecting the Top Active Node (TAN) among the nodes and randomly electing witnesses (Validators).

This makes issues concerning PoS's Nothing at Stake, long-distance attack, and DPoS' authority concentration solved.

The proof conditions for the RPoS-typed block are as follows. (h : the hash function, n : the block height, nonce : the number of 32 bits that increases by 1, bal(A) : the % of stake held by A, D : the difficulty, and f : Target value calculation function)

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