Core strategy

| Maximizing value as an investment asset

'ROM_COIN' will be listed on coin exchanges in Korea and major countries soon. Listing on the exchange will ensure free trading of coin and promotion of investment. 'ROM_COIN' will strive to be listed on coin exchanges in as many countries as possible. As presented in ‘8.2 Token Issuance Plan and Conditions’ of this white paper, ‘ROM_COIN’ will ensure the stability of ‘ROM_COIN’ supply in the market by strictly limiting the total amount of coins issued and transparently managing issuance thereof. ROM_COIN’ will prevent coin prices from becoming unstable in the market due to excessive coin issuance.

As seen in ‘8.2 Token Issuance Plan’, the total number of coins issued is 1 billion, of which 50% will be issued for reward of coin user according to the ecosystem. The supply of coins by the ecosystem is provided by mining 35 million coins per year for the first five years, and the supply of coins by the ecosystem is reduced every five years with a half-life applied.

50% will be issued for token sales, development costs, marketing costs, reserve and team rewards, etc., and almost all is issued in the early stages of the coin business. Therefore, 'ROM_COIN' will ensure market stability by coin supply. As presented below, our final goal is to maximize the investment asset value of 'ROM_COIN' through synergy effects with 'ROM_COIN''s global currency function, B2E effect, and various business strategies.

| Securing status as a global currency

'ROM_COIN' is currently starting with ROMARKET as an affiliate. However, once 'ROM_COIN' is listed on the coin exchange, the currency function of 'ROM_COIN' will be expanded by securing many additional companies, such as ROMARKET in each distribution/logistics/tourism sections in Korea as affiliates. While increasing the number of domestic affiliates, it will be ensured that 'ROM_COIN' can be used as an international payment method by securing a distribution structure for K-product, K-Beauty, K-Food, etc. in major countries internationally. Furthermore, it will secure ROMARKET-typed affiliates becoming a win-win partner for local supermarkets around the world, as well as expand and establish additional affiliates in the distribution/logistics/tourism sections.

It will recruit companies operating local bases around the world as affiliates of 'ROM_COIN' and establish local bases so that 'ROM_COIN' can become a platform for distribution/logistics/tourism services used as a payment method. In the future, it will proceed step by step to ensure that the platform can be constructed and functioned stably throughout the world.

The joining in base companies as affiliates around the world will help 'ROM_COIN' to secure the top platform status in their respective countries. This is the end point of ‘ROM_COIN’ globalization promotion strategy. Once the function of 'ROM_COIN' is activated as a payment method through distribution networks of affiliates around the world, 'ROM_COIN' will make every effort to ensure that 'ROM_COIN' is used not only in transactions with affiliates but also in general transactions with non-affiliates. 'ROM_COIN' will become a global currency used around the world.

Where it is activated to use 'ROM_COIN' as a global currency, the payment process for Cross-Board Transactions becomes simpler, various costs including currency exchange fees and remittance costs can also be reduced, and the risk traveling abroad with currency will also be eased. Such positive function of 'ROM_COIN' will contribute to the expansion of the scale of cross-board transactions and national exchanges. Using 'ROM_COIN' will allow sales of 'ROM_COIN' affiliates' to be increased and costs to be reduced, the convenience of users of 'ROM_COIN' to increase and economic benefits through optimal purchases and simplification of payment methods to enjoy. Eventually, 'ROM_COIN' will bring benefits to all participants in ‘ROM_COIN’ ecosystem.

| Enhancing B2E value

'ROM_COIN' pursues to enhance B2E effectiveness to respond to the contributions of each participant in ‘ROM_COIN’ ecosystem. ‘ROM_COIN’'s POS mining system can provide these B2E benefits to 'ROM_COIN' Holders and affiliates. Affiliates will be able to enjoy additional benefits through marketing support and collaboration activities provided by ‘ROM_COIN’ issuing foundation.

'ROM_COIN' holders will also be able to enjoy further effects, such as special discounts, mileage benefits, various marketing, etc. provided by affiliates.

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