ROMARKET Business and Features

| ‘All Roads Lead to Rome, All Deliveries Lead to ROMARKET’

ROMARKET is an ordering and delivery application specializing in local supermarkets, which was created to revitalize local businesses and economy. As the scale of online food services increases every year and the 'Homeconomy (Home+Economy)', where various economic activities are made at home, is gaining attention, the landscape of distribution market has changed significantly. As large quick commerce companies dominate the online distribution market, the market size of supermarkets, also called local marts, has decreased significantly, and local supermarkets and small business owners are facing a threat to their chance of survival. ROMARKET has come to light in the midst of an urgent need for a win-win service that can connect local supermarkets that have lost their place with the online market.

| Possibilities that ROMARKET Noticed

In the ROMARKET's survey on local supermarkets, it turned out that consumers prioritize accessibility to stores and convenience in purchasing. We came up with possibilities in the fact that necessities such as groceries and fresh foods that are immediately needed are being purchased at nearby local supermarkets rather than large retailers due to convenience.

| Satisfaction of Needs from Local Supermarkets

ROMARKETLocal Supermarket

Construction of an online mall

Construction of all stores within 30 minutes regardless of the region

Burden of constructing an online mall

Automation system

Registration and automatic reflection of prices of not only industrial products but also small-packaged fresh products

Burden of additional management manpower

Difficulty in registering all products including fresh food

Reflection of product prices

Low construction and maintenance costs

Initial construction costs: 500,000 KRW

Low commission rate of 1% (Sales from ROMARKET)

Burden of construction/maintenance costs

Over 30 million KRW for at least 6 months

Manager pages for each market

Matters on order, delivery, etc. can be confirmed in manager pages

Difficulty in systematic confirmation of order, payment and delivery

Support for design and creation of promotional channel

Free design of banners, flyers, etc.

Burden of publicity and marketing

ROMARKET is an app created to provide an environment for the self-reliance and survival of small business owners, boasting low initial costs, maintenance fees and commission rates. By providing a high level of services as well as satisfying the needs of local supermarket owners and customers, ROMARKET is becoming a win-win partner for local supermarkets.

| Satisfaction of Consumer Needs

ROMARKETNeedsLocal Supermarket

Continuous increase in single-person households

Small-package, single-use products than bulk products

Small-packaged food ingredients

‘Homeconomy’ trend

Needs for simple cooking products and groceries

The freshest products such as vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.

Selection of products that meet the needs of local residents

A supermarket platform that allows order/payment/delivery

GPS-based local supermarket is available

Changes in consumption patterns

Order/payment/delivery are all made in one place

Online/Contact-free platform specializing in local supermarkets

Changes in the distribution market due to COVID-19

Increase in e-commerce sales

Needs for contact-free order/payment channels

Delivery Culture

Fast delivery

From the supermarket in front of my house

(Delivered within an hour on average)

ROMARKET and local supermarkets are providing precious values to local communities, members, and small business owners by satisfying the needs of consumers.

| Providing Specialized Services

ROMARKET provides an automatic interlocking system that allows efficient management of inventory and prices by making a network with a local supermarket's POS (Point Of Sale System). Besides, it will get regular customers by continuously providing the best service to consumers based on active maintenance and customer services, which will contribute to an increase in sales. By virtue of its greatest strength of accessibility to customers, a delivery service is made within an hour, allowing customers to experience differentiated services compared to large commerce companies.

Recently, a variety of new functions are being provided based on system enhancement work. The ‘personalized product recommendation function’ is a function that provides recommendations of optimized products based on analyses of individual purchasing patterns, facilitating customized convenience in purchasing based on customers’ shopping experiences. The ‘automated product image matching function’ is a system that uses a database to automatically match a product to a customized category based on product names collected from a store. In the future, a faster and more accurate matching system which utilizes big data technology and database distribution technology is to be provided.


Personalized product recommendation

Algorithmizing data collected by tracking individual purchasing patterns every month

Automated product image matching

Enhancing product image matching based on product names (Currently 50% > 80-90% as a goal)

Automated matching of recipes and ingredients

Optimizing exposure of ingredients within recipe categories

Automated inventory management based on order status

Reduction in lead time and load time for reflecting inventory (Currently an hour’s interval > 3 minutes’ interval as a goal)

Automated creation of purchasing sites and order management sites for each store

Contributing to an increase in the sales of supermarkets and development of local commercial districts by giving a unique website address to each supermarkets

| Roles of ROMARKET

ROMARKET is taking the lead in the continuous growth of local commercial districts based on the connection between local supermarkets and consumers and the activation of economy in the society at large based on utilization of local currency.

| Current Situation of ROMARKET

The number of franchise stores on ROMARKET is steadily growing, and the sales from ROMARKET are also increasing continuously, making the best record in the second half of 2022. ROMARKET has successfully entered the market based on favorable reviews from customers, leading to the growth of the company and stable profitability.

At the same time, ROMARKET holds various patents. These patents contribute to securing of technological superiority, maintenance of competitiveness in the market and consequently cultivation of a new market.

Intellectual Property RightsApplicant of Intellectual Property RightsCountry of application/application number

Network-based payment methods and systems

Patent/ROMARKET Co., Ltd

Republic of Korea/10-1820891


Trademark/ROMARKET Co., Ltd.

Republic of Korea/40-2020-0092464

Republic of Korea/40-2021-0068222

Republic of Korea/40-2021-0056731

Republic of Korea/40-2021-0080327

Republic of Korea/40-2021-0080549

Neighborhood delivery

Trademark/ROMARKET Co., Ltd.

Republic of Korea/40-2021-0019103

Personalized product recommendation

Copyright/ROMARKET Co., Ltd.

Republic of Korea/C-2020-033517

Automated product image matching

Copyright/ROMARKET Co., Ltd.

Republic of Korea/C-2020-033520

Automated matching of recipes and ingredients

Copyright/ROMARKET Co., Ltd.

Republic of Korea/C-2020-033516

Automated inventory management based on order status

Copyright/ROMARKET Co., Ltd.

Republic of Korea/C-2020-033515

Automated creation of purchasing sites and order management sites for each store

Copyright/ROMARKET Co., Ltd.

Republic of Korea/C-2020-033514

| Future of ROMARKET

ROMARKET will lead changes in the domestic e-commerce market. ROMARKET will not remain as an online distribution market centered on local small business owners. ROMARKET is pursuing ‘ROMARKET of the World’ based on a global strategy for it to be used in various countries around the world. By advancing into various countries and various local commercial districts, ROMARKET will leap forward as a global distribution platform taking the lead in the 'food culture'.

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