ROMARKET is the starting point of ‘ROM_COIN’ concept. ROMARKET is also the first affiliate of the ‘ROM_COIN’ issuing foundation in the logistics section. ROMARKET’s business embodies the vision pursued by ‘ROM_COIN’.

ROMARKET is a platform business that has grown into a leading delivery app representing Korea's local commercial districts boasting 300,000 downloads and 100,000 users over the past 6 years. We expected to see various effects if ROMARKET, which has gone through such achievement and verification, becomes an affiliate in charge of ‘ROM_COIN’ project and combines blockchain-based token economy. The reason is that we can not only attract existing ROMARKET users easily to participate in the ecosystem, but also prepare a foundation for implementing an effective profit-generating strategy.

'ROM_COIN' aims for a 'B2E' ecosystem along with an integrated payment solution that can be used internationally based on the network basis of local commercial districts. Besides, 'ROM_COIN' seeks to provide a common means of exchange that can be used at numerous global affiliate stores such as ROMARKET.

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